I realize that it’s a new year and I haven’t posted anything in ages. I plan to change that this year. Do you have a new year’s resolution? Do you believe in them?
I don’t, generally. So, while I don’t have a new year’s resolution, I do have a new year’s plan.
All my life I was thin. Or at least thin-ish.

Then Lupus. And Prednisone. Blimp status.

I may exaggerate just a little. But not much. I’ve gained and I’ve lost and gained again. This year, I’m determined to lose. But, more than that – I’m determined to get healthy.
Actually, it was my husband’s idea. He’s always said that once he hit (enter his magic number here), he’d go on a diet. He hasn’t hit it. He just got very close to it, so he decided it was time he got healthy and in shape. He wants to try out for our local indoor football league. Honestly, I don’t know if he’s serious or not, but he’s really working on eating healthier (that’s huge, Y’all) and getting fit. I know he’s planning on running the local 5k in May and beating his time last year.
Let me step aside here for a moment and say that on a spur of the moment decision, my husband decided to run his first ever 5k last May. In his steel-toed work boots (He never wears any shoes other than boots).
Back to my ramblings (let’s face it, there’s really not a collected thought here…).

My first order of business was to stop drinking, or at least cut way down on the amount of, Dr Pepper. I was drinking a minimum of one entire 2 liter of Dr Pepper every single day. By. My. Self. That’s a lot of Dr Pepper. It’s at least 844 calories, 225 GRAMS of sugar, and a ton of sodium. And I wasn’t eating. I mean, I ate dinner, usually, but I didn’t eat during the day. And if I did, it was with no regard to fueling my body, it was whatever I was craving: chocolate, pasta, bread, muffins, nothing healthy.

So, I began forcing myself to eat 3 meals a day, and I’m trying to force down 3 snacks a day as well. Most days, I eat 6 times a day. I count every single calorie and I keep track of them on 2 separate apps on my phone. I measure and weigh my food. I’m diligent. Three weeks in, and I’ve lost 6 pounds so far.

This morning, I really SAW it. I swear, I lost all 6 of those pounds from my shoulders up! And I’m completely okay with that. My face had gotten so…. plump, thanks to prednisone. Cushing syndrome is no joke. I finally looked in the mirror this morning and saw myself.
That’s what motivated me to write this post. I know it’s been radio silence here for months. I am going to do better. I have a couple of posts rattling around in my head. I was going to blog about my subscription boxes, but my Birchbox is lost in the mail. It’s been at my home post office twice, and they’ve sent it back out, and now, I don’t know where it is. So, I may just blog about them separately. Also, I have a Vox Box that I need to blog about, and I’ve been using the products long enough that I feel comfortable giving an opinion, now. And, maybe most exciting to me, I’m starting an online makeup artist class this week, and I’ll try to blog about it as well, and probably post my assignment photos here, too.

I’ll try to blog about my #gettinghealthyin2016 process and progress at least weekly.

Until then, be well!

Published by

Girly By Forty

It's never too late! All my life, I've been a tomboy. I put on makeup and dress clothes (something nicer than a Tshirt with my jeans) for special occasions only, so I never actually learned how to use makeup. Everyone take a moment to cringe, now. You good? Good. This blog is about my journey to becoming girly. On a deadline. The way I see it, I have approximately 26 years to catch up on, and I have 2 years to accomplish it. I'll be sharing every step of my journey with you, and reviewing products along the way. So grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy! I hope you learn things. Or comment and teach me things!

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