Crunch Time

Y’all! It’s 2017! Two Thousand Seventeen! Wow, did that happen fast!?

This is it. This is the year!  In 282 days, I will officially be 40 years old. Forty. Years. Old.
If you’re a young woman, let me just take this minute to encourage you. I am not old!  Hear me out!  I know what you’re thinking: Yes, you are old. Forty is ancient.  I can’t imagine being forty! Forty. Years. Old.
Well, guess what!?  I am thinking the same. thing. How can I be forty?  I don’t feel old!  I don’t have it all together!  I still pay bills late and forget to buy milk and run my fuel tank completely dry. I still love to laugh and tell jokes and play pranks on people (having kids is great – permanent victims that can’t get away!).

Now that that’s out of the way… Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  No, I do not know when my last blog post was.  I’m afraid to look.  It’s been Far. Too. Long.  I have once again neglected this blog.  And the website that I purchased – I haven’t seen it since the day I purchased the domain. See?  Like I said, I still don’t have it all together. I don’t have any resolutions for the new year, but I would really like to dedicate time to my blog and actually do something with it.

Since I started this blog, I have changed, tremendously.  I said to someone the other day that if they’d known me three years ago, and saw me with makeup on, it was because my mom or my friend forced me to wear it.  She didn’t believe it.  It’s true.  I hated makeup. Until the spring of 2014, I probably owned a total of 5 makeup products.  Then, someone invited me (I still don’t know why – major hint, I guess?) to subscribe to Ipsy.  The rest is history.  It was gradual at first.  I’d try out some of the products that I got in my bag that month.  I’d get stuff I’d never heard of, and I’d turn to the interwebs to learn what it was and how to use it.  I had NO idea that there were different ‘classes’ of makeup – drugstore vs. high-end.  I had never been in Sephora – I didn’t even know it existed.  I’d seen Ultas, and just thought it was a swanky hair salon. I thought Avon and Merle Norman and Mary Kay were super fancy, expensive,  makeup brands.

Fast forward to today –  I have, well, let’s call it a great passion, for beauty, now. So much so that I had to declutter my collection this weekend.  It was way out of hand!  I am going back and forth between putting myself on a no buy or a low buy.  I’ll probably do a mixture of the two for 2017, but I think I’ll save all of that for my next blog post in which we’ll talk about my first ever project pan, or product use up, I’m not sure what I’m going to call it.  I just know that I have several products that really need to get gone before they expire, but I love them and couldn’t see myself getting rid of them.  I’ve never before been interested in any sort of project pan/product use up before because my mindset was a little different.  I love all of my products.  If I use them all up, they’ll be gone, and I won’t have them any more.  The problem is, I have more now than I will maybe ever be able to use, so it’s time to start moving some out. So, that’s where my next blog post will pick up!

Here’s to 2017, turning 40, breaking the hoarding cycle, and committing to my blog!  See you next time!

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Girly By Forty

It's never too late! All my life, I've been a tomboy. I put on makeup and dress clothes (something nicer than a Tshirt with my jeans) for special occasions only, so I never actually learned how to use makeup. Everyone take a moment to cringe, now. You good? Good. This blog is about my journey to becoming girly. On a deadline. The way I see it, I have approximately 26 years to catch up on, and I have 2 years to accomplish it. I'll be sharing every step of my journey with you, and reviewing products along the way. So grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy! I hope you learn things. Or comment and teach me things!

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